Before using our direct hair colors, it's good to know about things that can affect the end result. Semi-permanent colors require a bleached base to be attached, so in case if your hair is natural and untreated, or if you still have old color in your hair, you’ll need to bleach it. You can choose our 3%, 6% or 9% Bleach Kit depending on the desired end result and the condition of your hair.

We recommend to reduce heating tools in the week before bleaching. If your hair is too yellow after the bleaching, use our No Yellow Shampoo or No Yellow Mask to neutralize the yellow into white. This is important so that the color becomes as clean as possible and the yellowness won’t turn the color into a different undertone.

Wash your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo and avoid conditioner or any other hair care products because they prevent direct hair color from sticking.


Make sure that you have enough of product for your hair coloring project, because too little amount of color can make the end result too light, uneven or the wrong shade.

Comb your hair and work in small sections from back to front. Apply a thick layer of hair color on a towel-dry strand and massage it in, because it helps the color to attach better. Leave the color in for 60-90 minutes. Some of our shades require a longer proceccing time, so always check the product-specific info on our website For longer lasting results leave the color for 2+ hours or even overnight. Our hair colors are conditioner-based, so they nourish your hair like a deep conditioner while you color. Wear a shower cap when dyeing to keep the color moist and have a better effect.

Rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy your new intense hair color, that will last from 8 to 12 washes (results may vary depending on the chosen shade, base color and condition of the hair, processing time and hair care products).


The final result is affected not only by the color itself, but also by the amount of product, the bleaching level, the processing time, the base and condition of the hair, as well as the care products used before coloring.

Our pastels (Vicky, Polly, Rosie, Thelma, Stella and Mika) tend to be easier to fade from the hair because they have less intense pigment. They also require a really light base, so they work best on level 10 light hair. 

Our UV-colors (Peggy, Polly, Felicia, Tara, Olivia, Daisy and Mika) shine best also on a lighter base (level 10).

All of our hair colors are DIY-friendly, so you can easily mix your unique shade or make any shade pastel by adding some Blanche Toner to it.

The successful result of coloring also requires knowledge of color theory, because especially if you want to change from one shade to another, you may first need to neutralize the old shade, that you can get the color you desire.