Illuminate Your Look with Neon Brilliance!

Ready to step into the spotlight with vivid, UV-reactive neon hair? Let us guide you through the process:

1. Begin with Platinum Brilliance

For the ultimate UV glow, start with a platinum blonde base. These neon wonders truly come to life on a super light canvas, ensuring the brightest and boldest results. Get ready to shine!

2. Neon Resilience

UV-reactive colors mean business. They're not just vibrant; they're here to stay. Expect a lasting glow that defies the norm, surpassing 15 washes with ease.

3. Fade Into Radiance

While the initial layer of color may gracefully fade in 8-12 washes, fear not—the UV glow will stand the test of time. Our vegan semi-permanent, conditioning hair colors are designed for endurance, ensuring your hair remains a beacon of high-intensity vibrancy.

Ready to turn heads with an unforgettable UV glow? Our neon palette awaits, promising brilliance that lasts beyond the ordinary!