Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to use our incredible No Yellow Mask for achieving a cool and matte tint in your blond hair. Designed to neutralize stubborn yellow tones and create a beautiful ashy tint, this mask is the perfect companion to our No Yellow Shampoo.

While the shampoo provides a tint and cleansing features, the mask offers a thicker consistency and enhanced pigment for a more intensive treatment. Experience the creamy texture and luxuriously soft feel of your hair after using our No Yellow Mask, and embrace the stunning, cool-toned look!


- Neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and creates a stunning ashy tint
- Restores shine and vibrancy to your hair, leaving it in impeccable condition
- Combats dull and lifeless hair, adding a touch of radiance
- Smooths and manages your hair, making it easier to style and detangle


1. After shampooing, apply an ample amount of No Yellow Mask to towel-dried hair.

2. Massage the mask evenly, focusing on the areas with the most yellow tints.

3. Allow the nourishing formula to work its magic for approximately 5 minutes, deeply penetrating your hair.

4. Thoroughly rinse out the mask, revealing refreshed and revitalized hair that is free from yellow tints.

5. Please note that the mask contains a strong pigment, and extended exposure may result in a purple tint to the hair. Use caution and adjust timing based on your desired result.

We recommend to use our No Yellow Mask as an intensive treatment and our No Yellow Shampoo as a maintenance treatment.

Flaunt your beautiful blond hair with confidence, and let our No Yellow Mask take your hair care routine to the next level. Say goodbye to yellow tints and hello to a revitalized and vibrant hair!