Using a No Yellow Shampoo is an inexpensive, easy way to eliminate unwanted yellow tones from your hair. It is the perfect solution if you want a little more impact than a regular shampoo but would rather not invest in a professional toner.

What Is It?
Our Hello Snow White No Yellow Shampoo is an effective hair care product, that is formulated with a special violet pigment to neutralize yellow tones.

Ideal For:
No Yellow Shampoo is perfect for highlights, streaks, balayage, blonde or grey tints, and even for maintaining your all-over lightning look.

What It Does:
Tones down grey or yellow lightened hair, neutralizing undesired yellow tones, and gives a signature ashy tint.

How To Use:
Massage into damp hair for 5 minutes, then rinse. Please note that the shampoo contains a strong pigment, and prolonged exposure may result in a purple tint to the hair. Use No Yellow Shampoo at least once a week.