Unlock Your Dream Pastel Magic!

Ready to dive into the world of dreamy pastels? Our hair dyes are your canvas, and we've got the perfect brush – Blanc Blanche Toner!

Step 1: Mix It Up

Choose your hue, grab our Blanche Toner, and let the magic begin! The toner + color combo is your secret recipe for achieving that soft, pastel perfection.

Step 2: Dial Down the Drama

As you whip up your pastel mix, the toner works its charm, dialing down the intensity and giving you that dreamy, muted shade you crave.

Step 3: Application Magic

Gently massage the color into your hair and let it work its wonders. Our ultra-conditioning formula ensures your hair stays happy and healthy throughout the process. For that extra glow, keep your pastel masterpiece in your hair for a minimum of 2 hours or more.

Step 4: Maintenance Mode

To keep that pastel paradise intact, treat your hair to a protective color conditioner or mask. It's the secret sauce to long-lasting, vibrant locks!

Step 5: Repeat and Store

The beauty of our hair colors? They're not a one-hit wonder! Mix, match, and store your unique shades at home. Touch-up whenever the mood strikes!

Ready to paint the town pastel? Start creating your masterpiece now!