Wondering how to achieve those rich, dark shades without compromising your hair's health? We've got the scoop on making it happen with our damage-free hair dyes:

1. Prepare the base

Our formulations are bleach and chemical lightener-free, prioritizing the health of your hair. However, for the darkest colors (except Black Dahlia), a bit of pre-lightening is needed. Aim for a dark blonde, around level 7.

2. Dive into the Color Transformation

Once you've achieved the ideal base (check our bleaching manual for expert tips), it's time for the magic! Apply your chosen hair color directly to dry, unconditioned hair. Let it work its charm for 60-90 minutes, unveiling an intense color that stays vibrant for 8-12 washes.

3. Experiment with Depth

Want to go even darker? Enter Black Dahlia! Mix this versatile shade into your favorite color to create a deeper, more mysterious hue. Remember, a little goes a long way. Gradually blend until you achieve that perfect, sultry shade you desire.