Unlock the Elegance of Grey at Home!

Dreaming of chic, silver strands? We've got your guide to achieving stunning grey hair from the comfort of your home:

1. Prepare the Canvas

Bleach your hair to the lofty heights of level 9-10 (30-40 minutes). This initial step is crucial for creating the perfect platinum base, so take your time to ensure optimal results.

2. Banish Yellow Tones

Wave goodbye to any lingering yellow undertones using our heroes, No Yellow Shampoo or No Yellow Mask. This brightening step sets the stage for a flawless silver transformation. Repeat until you achieve that coveted platinum status.

3. Platinum Perfection

Now that your hair boasts a platinum base, it's time to choose your grey shade. Opt for Gilda Gray for a light, ethereal touch, or embrace the depth of Mathilda Gray for a darker allure.

4. Apply with Precision

Ensure an even application of your chosen grey hair color by dedicating 1 hour to the process. Note that achieving the perfect platinum blonde base is paramount. Any lingering yellow tones or unevenness might result in patchiness with unwanted green undertones.